About me
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Hey, I'm Morris,

I'm a 24 years old app developer and designer from Germany.

Morris Vogler

Apps are my passion because I can give life to something with pure imagination. The whole concept is put together piece by piece until planning, design and functionalities become an experience that entertains, or even amazes people.

But not only apps let me experience something new every day. Creating designs is equally important to me because nothing would really move us emotionally without proper design. I like to draw within a broad spectrum, from family friendly designs to social criticism or just designs for a better, funnier day. Everything is possible for me if it fascinates me in any way, bringing the adventurous spirit or a delighted world of thought to life. Therefore, there will be many designs in the future heading toward many directions because it just started.

Current projects:

2 Apps
1 Design Collection

I hope I could give you some interesting insights. I am currently working on many, amazing apps and designs so in the meantime have a look at my available work, leave me a message or stay up to date with my apps and designs on Instagram or Twitter.